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  • noun [ feminineneuter ]
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cammoc, cammuc, commuc, es; n. m? The cammoc, kex, an umbelliferous plant, brimstone wort, hog's fennel, cow weed, cow parsley. Kambuck is still a name of the kexes in Suffolk, Prior 36, 126; peucedănum officinale, = πευκεδανόν , n; πευκεδανός , f.
sulphur wort, hog's fennel
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  • Ðás wyrte man peucedanum, and óðrum naman cammoc [cammuc MS. H.] nemneþ

    this wort is called peucedanum, and by another name cammoc,

      Herb. 96, 1; Lchdm. i. 208, 17.
  • Wyrc gódne drenc, elenan iii snǽda, commuces viii

    make a good drink, three portions of elf dock, eight of cammoc,

      L. M. 3, 30; Lchdm. ii. 324, 20.
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v.  commuc.
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  • cammoc, n.