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  • verb [ weak ]
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campian, compian; p. ode; pp. od [camp war]
To fight, contend against; militare, pugnare
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  • Sceal oretta á Gode campian

    a champion shall ever fight for God,

      Exon. 37b; Th. 123, 1; Gú. 316: Bd. 1, 15; S. 483, 12.
  • Se deófle campaþ [compaþ, Ps. Lamb. fol. 183b, 18]

    he fights for the devil,

      Hy. 2, 5; Hy. Grn. ii. 281, 5.
  • Ic longe Gode campode

    I have iong fought for God,

      Exon. 42a; Th. 140, 25; Gú. 615.
  • He for his éðle mid his leódum compode

    he fought for his country with his men,

      Bd. 3, 9; S. 533, 17.
[Scot, kemp: Dut. kampen: Ger. kämpfen: M. H. Ger. kempfen: O. H. Ger. chamfan, chemfan: Dan. kämpe: Swed. kämpa: Icel. keppa.]
Derived forms
DER. wið-compian.
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v.  compian.
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  • campian, v.