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  • noun [ masculine ]
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cancer, gen. cancres;
a cancer, an eating or
spreading disease; cancer, morbus
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  • Gif ðú wille cancer ablendan, genim ðonne fífleáfan ða wyrte: seóþ on wíne

    if thou desire to stop a cancer, then take the herb fiveleaf: boil it in wine,

      Herb. 3, 9; Lchdm. i. 88, 20.
  • Ealne ðone bíte ðæs cancres heó afeormaþ

    it clears away all the pain [bite] of the cancer,

      167, 3; Lchdm. i. 296, 22.
  • Wið cancre, nim gáte geallanand hunig

    against cancer, take goat's gall and honey,

      L. M. 3, 36; Lchdm. ii. 328, 13: Herb. 32, 3; Lchdm. i. 130, 12, MS. O, note 24.
  • Wið cancre

    for cancer,

      Med. ex Quadr. 6, 21; Lchdm. i. 354, 25.
a crab; cancer, animal.
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v. cancer-hæbern.
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  • cancer, n.