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  • noun [ feminine ]
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Candel-mæsse, an; f.
CANDLEMAS, the mass at the feast of purification which, in the Romish church, is celebrated with many lighted candles; festum purificationis beatæ Mariæ
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  • Æt Candelmæssan

    at Candlemas,

      L. Eth. ix. 12 ; Th. i. 342, 32.
  • Hér, A. D. 1014, Swegen ge-endode his dagas to Candelmæssan here, A. D. 1014,

    Sweyn ended his days at Candlemas,

      Chr. 1014; Th. 272, 25, col. 1.
Derived forms
DER. candel.
Full form


  • Candel-mæsse, n.