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  • noun [ masculine ]
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Cant-ware, gen. a; dat. um; acc. e; pl. m.
Kentish men, inhabitants of Kent; Cantuarii
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  • Of Geáta fruman syndon Cantware and Wihtsǽtan

    de Jutarum origine sunt Cantuarii et Victuarii,

      Bd. l, 15; S. 483, 22.
  • Cantwara cyningas

    kings of Kentish men,

      L. H. E; Th. i. 26, 4, 5: 34, 3: 36, 2.
  • Agustinus nú on Brytene rest, on Cantwarum

    Augustine now rests in Britain, among the inhabitants of Kent,

      Menol. Fox 207; Men. 105.
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v.  Cont-ware.
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  • Cant-ware, n.