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  • noun [ masculine ]
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cealre, calwer, es; m.
Pressed curds, a jelly made of curds or sour milk; calmaria, gabalacrum? — Cealre [MS. cealfre] calmaria,
    Wrt. Voc. 290, 33. Nim súr molcen, wyrc to cealre, and beþ mid ðý cealre take sour curds, work them to a jelly, and foment with the jelly, L. M. 1, 39; Lchdm. ii. 98, 25, 26. Súr meolc wyrce cealre, and beðe mid cealre work sour milk into jelly, and foment with the jelly, Lchdm. iii. 42, 26. Gewirc
c] take the herbs and wort them together as thick as curds, Lchdm. iii. 118, 14. Calwer gabalacrum, Cot. 96.
Derived forms
DER. cealer-bríw.
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v.  calwer celras.
Full form


  • cealre, n.