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æstel, For the first 14 lines in Dict. substitute: This word is of uncertain meaning. In the two instances of its use in which from the context the character of the object denoted by the word may be to some extent inferred, the meanings seem different. In Wrt. Voc. i. 81, 23 it occurs in a list of words connected with the fabric and furniture of a church, chorus chor, gradus stæpe, indicatorium æstel, scabellum sceamul; in Past. 9, 1-3 it is associated with a book. As the word seems adapted from Low Latin aslella, a chip, plank, board, in each case some kind of board may be intended; in the former a notice-board (?), in the latter a board used in the binding of a book, on which the title of the book was inscribed (cf. Latin index = title of a book). For a description of binding see Rá. 27 and Jn. L. p. 48. From the latter, as throwing light on the value of Alfred's
æstel, may be quoted the following: 'Hé gesmioðade ðá gehríno ðá ðe útan on sint, and hit gehrínade mið golde and mið gimmum ǽc mið suulfre ofergylded fáconleás feh.' See a paper by E. J. Thomas in Camb. Philol. Trans. 1916.
[N. E. D. , D. D. astel.]
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  • æstel,