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  • noun [ neuter ]
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cyre-líf, es; n.
A choice of life, where on decease of a lord, the cultivators choose a lord for themselves; optio vitæ, ubi, mortuo domino, villani sibi dominum eligunt
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  • Ic bidde, on Codes naman, and on his háligra, ðæt mínra maga nán ne yrfewearda ne geswence nán nǽnig cyrelíf ðara ðe ic foregeald, and me West-Seaxena wítan to rihte gerehton, ðæt ic hí mót lǽtan swá freó swá þeówe, swáðer ic wille; ac ic, for Godes lufan and for mínre sáwle þearfe, wylle ðæt hý sýn heora freólses wyrðe and hyra cyres; and ic, on Godes lifiendes naman, beóde ðæt hý nán man ne brócie, ne mid feós manunge, ne mid nǽnigum þingum, ðæt hý ne mótan ceósan swylcne mann swylce hý wyllan

    I pray in the name of God, and his saints, that no one of my kinsmen nor heirs molest any choice of life of those for whom I have paid, and the witan of the West Saxons have rightly confirmed to me, that I might leave them either free or servile, as I will; but I, for love of God and for my soul's need, will that they be entitled to their freedom and their choice; and I, in the name of the living God, command that no man oppress them, either by exaction of money, or in any other way, so that they may not choose whatever lord they will,

    • Cod. Dipl. 314
    • ;
    • A. D. 880-885
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    • Kmbl. ii. 116,
    • 24-33.
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  • cyre-líf, n.