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  • noun [ masculine ]
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Dalamensan, gen.-ena ; pl. m.
The Dalamensan; Dalamensæ: a Slavonic race, who dwelt in Misnia on both sides of the river Elbe
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  • Be norþan eástan Maroara syndon Dalamensan, and be eástan Dalamensan [MS. Dalamensam] sindon Horithi, and be norþan Dalamensan [MS. Dalomensam] sindon Surpe

    to the north-east of the Moravians are the Dalamensan, and to the east of the Dalamensan are the Horithi, and to the north of the Dalamensan are the Surpe,

    • Ors. 1, 1, § 12
    • ;
    • Bos. 19,
    • 4-6.
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  • Dalamensan, n.