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  • noun [ masculine ]
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Eádréd, es; m. [eád happy, réd = rǽd counsel]
Eadred Atheling, third son of Edward the Elder. Eadred was king of Wessex and Northumbria, for nine years and a half, from A. D. 946-955
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  • Hér, A. D. 946, féng Eádréd Æðeling to ríce

    here Eadred Atheling succeeded to the kingdom,

      Chr. 946; Erl. 116, 35.
  • Hér,

      A. D. 955,
    • Eádréd
    • [MS. Ædréd
    ] cyning forþférde, and féng Eádwíg to ríce, Eádmundes sunu

    here king Eadred died, and Eadwig, Edmund's son, succeeded to the kingdom,

    • Chr. 955
    • ;
    • Erl. 119,
    • 8.
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  • Eádréd, n.