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  • verb [ weak ]
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eánian, eánigan; part. eánigende; p. eánode; pp.eánod [eáw=eówu a female sheep, a ewe]
To YEAN, bring forth as a ewe; enīti, parturīre
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  • He genam hine of eówedum sceápa, fram eánigendum he genam hine

    sustŭlit eum [Dāvĭdem] de grĕgĭbus ovium, de post fetantes [oves] accēpit eum,

    • Ps. Lamb. 77,
    • 70.
Prompt. enyñ', brynge forthe kyndelyngys [A. Sax. litlingas]. The verb to ean or yean, which is commonly applied only to the bringing forth of lambs, here appears to have had anciently the more general signification of the word from which it is derived, A. Sax. eánian enīti, partŭrīre:
Wyc. ene, eene, ȝeene, ȝene, yeene sheep with lambs, Ps. 143, 13: Is. 40, 11:
Dut. dial. oonen to produce young
. ]
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v.  eácnian.
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  • eánian, v.