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Engla feld

  • noun [ masculine ]
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Engla feld, gen. feldes; dat. felda, felde; m. [Hovd. Englefeld: Brom. Englefelde: Matt. West. Anglefeld: Angles' field, the field of the English]
ENGLEFIELD or INGLEFIELD, near Reading, Berkshire; lŏci nōmen in agro Berkeriensi
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  • Hér cwom se here to Reádingum on West-Seaxe, and ðæs ymb iii niht ridon ii eorlas up: ðá gemétte hie Æðelwulf aldorman on Engla felda, and him ðǽr wið gefeaht, and sige nam

    in this year [A. D. 871] the army came to Reading in Wessex, and three nights after two earls rode up: then alderman Æthelwulf met them at Inglefield, and there fought against them, and gained the victory.

    • Chr. 871
    • ;
    • Erl. 74,
    • 5-8.
Full form


  • Engla feld, n.