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  • noun [ masculine ]
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Æðelrǽd, Æðelréd, Æðeréd, es; m. [æðele noble, rǽd counsel]
Ælhelred, a Mercian nobleman, the viceroy or governor of the Mercians; Æthelréd, Æthelrédus. He married Æthelfled, the eldest and most intellectual daughter of king Alfred the Great. He styles himself sub-regulus in subscribing his name to a charter of king Alfred A. D. 889, — Ego Æthelréd, subregulus et patricius Merciorum, hanc donationem signo crucis subscripsi, Th. Diplm. 136, 21. His wife simply writes, — Ego Æthelflæd consensi, Th. Diplm. 136, 23. Ríxiendum ussum Dryhtene ðæm Hǽlendan Crist. Æfter ðon ðe agán wæs ehta hund wintra and syx and hund nigontig efter his acennednesse, and ðý feówerteóðan gebonngére [v. geban II], ðá ðý gére gebeón [p. of gebannan] Æðelréd ealderman alle Mercna weotan tosomne to Gleaweceastre, biscopas, and aldermen, and alle his duguþe; and ðæt dyde be Ælfrédes cyninges gewitnesse and leáfe under the rule of our Lord Jesus Christ. When 896 winters were passed after his birth, and in the fourth indiction year, then in that year Æthelred alderman assembled all the witan of the Mercians together at Gloucester, bishops, and aldermen, and all his nobility; and did that with the knowledge and leave of king Alfred, Th. Diplm. A. D. 896; 139, 4-16. Æthelred died in A.D. 912. Her gefór Æðelréd, ealdorman on Myrcum here, A. D. 912, died Æthelred, alderman of the Mercians, Chr. 912; Erl. 101, 46. His widow, Æthelfled, governed Mercia about ten years, with great vigour and success, under her brother, king Edward the Elder, Chr. 912 ; Erl. 108, 22-26.
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  • Æðelrǽd, n.