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  • noun [ masculine ]
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Æðelstán, es; m. [æðele, stán stone]
Athelstan, the eldest son of Edward the Elder. Athelstan, who gained a complete victory over the Anglo-Danes in the battle of Brunanburh, in A. D. 937, was king of Wessex fourteen years and ten weeks, from A.D. 925-940
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  • A.D. 925, her, Eádweard cyning [MS. cing] forþférde and Æðelstán his sunu féng to ríce here, A. D. 925,

    king Edward died, and Athelstan his son succeeded to the kingdom.

    • Chr. 925; Erl. 110, 19
    • .
  • A. D. 940, hér, Æðelstán cyning forþférde, and Eádmund Æðeling féng to ríce, and Æðelstán cyning rícsode xiv geár, and teon wucan

    here, A. D. 940, king Athelstan died, and Edmund Atheling succeeded to the kingdom, and king Athelstan reigned fourteen years and ten weeks,

    • Chr. 940; Th. 209, 13-23, col. 1
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  • Æðelstán, n.