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Wright's OE grammar
to bait, worry with dogs, &c.
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  • Gif ðú mid wilddeórum mé bǽtan wylt,

      Hml. S. 8, 85. [Icel.
to beat, make way against the wind or
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  • Good scipstióra ongit micelne wind on hreóre sǽ ǽr ǽr hit geweorðe, and hǽt fealdan ꝥ segl, anð eác hwílum lecgan þone mæst and lǽtan þá bǽtinge; gif hé ǽr þweores windes bǽtte, warenað hé hine wið ðæt weder

    a good pilot perceives a great wind on a rough sea before it comes on him, and orders the sail to be furled, and also sometimes the mast to be lowered and to leave off beating; if he have before in an adverse wind beat, he guards himself against the storm,

      Bt. 41, 3; S. 144, 28-32.
[Icel. beita to go against the wind.]
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  • bǽtan,