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  • verb [ strong ]
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a-drífan, æ-drífan; ic -drífe, ðú -drífest, -drífst, he -drífeþ, -drífþ, -dríft, pl. -drífaþ; p. -dráf, pl. -drifon; pp. -drifen
Wright's OE grammar
To drive, stake, expel, pursue, follow up; agere, pellere, expellere, repellere, sequi, prosequi
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  • Ða Walas adrifon sumre eá ford ealne mid scearpum pílum greátum innan ðam wætere

    the Welsh staked all the ford of a certain river with great sharp piles within the water,

    • Chr. Introd; Th. 5, 35
    • .
  • Rihtwísnyssa his ic ne adráf fram me

    justitias ejus non repuli a me,

    • Ps. Spl. 17, 24
    • .
  • Adrífe ðæt spor út of his scíre

    let him pursue the track out of his shire,

    • L. Ath. v. § 8, 4; Th. i. 236, 23
    • .
  • Adrifene fatu

    graven or embossed vessels,

    • Ælfc. Gl. 67; Som. 69, 99
    • .
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  • a-drífan, v.