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  • noun [ feminine ]
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CÆRSE, cerse, an; f. CRESS, watercress; nasturtium, cardămum = κάρδαμον
Wright's OE grammar
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  • Man nasturcium, and óðrum naman cærse [cerse B.] nemneþ one nameth nasturtium,

    and by another name, cress,

      Herb. 21, 1; Lchdm. i. 116, 17.
  • Ðeós wyrt, cærse, ne biþ sáwen, ac heó of hyre sylfne cenned biþ on wyllon and on brócen

    this herb, cress, is not sown, but it is propagated of itself in wells and in brooks,

      116, 15.
[Piers P. kerse: Dut. kers, f; Ger. M. H. Ger. kresse, m. f; O. H. Ger. kresso, m. cressa, f.]
Derived forms
DER. eá-cærse, -cerse, fen-, tún-, wylle-.
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v.  cesena cerse cresse.
Full form


  • CÆRSE, n.