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CÉN, es; m.
Wright's OE grammar
the Anglo-Saxon Rune RUNE = the letter c, the name of which letter in Anglo-Saxon is céna torch; piuus, tæda; hence this Rune not only stands for the letter c, but for cén a torch, as,—
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  • RUNE byþ cwicera gehwám cúþ on fýre

    torch on fire is well known to all living,

    • Hick. Thes. vol. i. p. 135
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    • Runic pm. 6
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    • Kmbl. 340, 17: Exon. 76a
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    • Jul. 704
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this Rune appears sometimes to stand for the adj. céne bold, II q. v.
Plat. keen:
Ger. M. H. Ger. kien, m. n.a fir or pine saturated with the gum of turpentine:
O. H. Ger. kien. kén pinus, fax, tæda.
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  • CÉN, n.; adj.