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  • noun [ masculine ]
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EOLH, cole; gen. eolhes, eolces, eolcs, eolx; m. [eolx vĭdētur genĭtivus ab eolc, eolh, Ettmül. Poet. 288, 15, note]
Wright's OE grammar
§7; §84; §149; §173; §182; §328; §329; §337;
An ELK; alces. The Rune RUNE = x seems to stand for the genitive of this word in the Runic poem, — hence, this Rune not only stands for the letter x, but for eolhx = eolcx = eolcs = eolces of an elk, as, — RUNE [eolhx = eolces] secg eard [seccard MS.] hæfþ oftust on fenne, wexeþ on wætere elk's sedge hath its place [earth] oftest in fen, waxeth in water,
    Hick. Thes. i. 135, 29; Runic pm. 15; Kmbl. 342, 7. Eolx secg papilluum, Wri. Voc. 286, 36.
O. H. Ger. elaho:
M. H. Ger. elch:
O. Nrs. elgr:
Lat. alces:
Grk. ἄλκη
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  • EOLH, n.