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  • verb [ weak ]
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ge-mearcian, p. ode, ade; pp. od, ad
Wright's OE grammar
To mark, point out, describe, assign, appoint, determine; nŏtāre, signāre, designāre, assignāre, constĭtuĕre, decernĕre
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  • He gemet ne con gemearcian his múðe móde síne

    he cannot set bounds to his mouth with his mind,

      Exon. 87 b; Th. 330, 18; Vy. 53.
  • Ic wolde gesecgan hú Créca gewinn, ðe of Lacedemonia ðære byrig ǽrest onstæled wæs, and, mid spellcwydum gemearcian

    I wished to tell how the war of the Greeks was first raised from the city of the Lacedæmonians, and, in the language of history, to describe it,

      Ors. 3, 1; Bos. 54, 34.
  • Ðú him mete sylest, mǽla gehwylce, and ðæs tídlíce tíd gemearcast

    to das escam illis in tempŏre opportūno,

      Ps. Th. 144, 16.
  • Symle he twelf síþum tída gemearcaþ dæges and nihtes

    it ever marks the hours of day and night twelve times,

      Exon. 58 a; Th. 207, 24; Ph. 146.
  • Se Hǽlend gemearcode óðre twá and hundseofentig

    designāvit Dŏmĭnus et alios septuaginta duos,

      Lk. Bos. 10, 1 : Bd. 3, 9; S. 534, 2.
  • Hæfde hire wácran hige Metod gemearcod

    to her the Creator had appointed a weaker mind,

      Cd. 28; Th. 37, 17; Gen. 591 : 38; Th. 50, 25; Gen. 814.
  • Getácnod oððe gemearcod is ofor us leóht andwlitan ðínes

    signātum est sŭper nos lūmen vultus tui,

      Ps. Lamb. 4, 7.
  • He is wuldre gemearcad

    it is marked with glory,

      Exon. 60 b; Th. 220, 11; Ph. 318.
  • Hí hæfdon ǽlce scire on West-Sexum stíðe gemarcod mid bryne and mid hergunge

    they had severely marked every shire of Wessex with burning and harrying,

      Chr. 1006; Erl. 141, 2.
  • Gemearca hú hý ǽr stódon

    mark how they stood before,

      Lchdm. i. 398, 5.
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