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  • noun [ neuter ]
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ge-sceot, -scot, es; n.
the collection of weapons necessary for shooting, a weapon that is shot or
hurled, an arrow, dart
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  • Nim ðín gesceot ðínne cocur and ðínne bogan

    take thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow,

      Gen, 27, 3.
  • Ðú of heofenum dóm mid gescote sendest

    de cælo judicium jaculatum est,

      Ps. Th. 75, 6.
  • Ðǽr forwearþ micel Alexandres heres for geǽtredum gescotum

    there much of Alexander's army perished by poisoned arrows,

      Ors. 3, 9; Bos. 68, 38.
  • [O. H. Ger. gaseoz jaculum: Ger. geschoss.]
an advance [of money], a contribution, tribute [cf. Ger. vorschiessen]
. v. corn-, Róm-gesceot.
a part of a building shut off from the rest [v. Cl. and Vig. Icel. Dict. skot, III ; and cf. Ger. geschoss story of a house]
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  • Gesceot bæftan ðæm heáhweofode propitiatorium, vel sanctum sanctorum, vel secretarium, vel


      Ælfc. Gl. 109; Som. 79, 26; Wrt. Voc. 59, 1.
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  • ge-sceot, n.