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  • noun [ neuter ]
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scot, es ; n.
a shot, a shooting
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  • Hié his siððan wǽran swíðe éhtende ge mid scotum (gesceotum,

      MS. C.) ge
    mid stána torfungum ge mid eallum heora wígcræftum, Ors. 3, 9 ; Swt. 134, 15. [
a shot, missile, v. ge-sceot, and cf. No man ... No maner schot, ne pollax, ne schort knyf Into the listes, sende, Ch. K. T. 1686. See also the cognate words.]
a rapid movement (v. sceótan, IV,
III, ge-sceót (read -sceot),
a rush, dart
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  • Leax sceal on wǽle mid sceote scríðan,

      Menol. Fox 539 ; Gn. C. 40.
a scot (as in scot and lot, scot-free), a shot (as in to pay one's shot), a contribution, tax. v. sáwel-scot, sceót*-*an, VII. V. a building, v. sele-scot, ge-sceot,
[O. Frs. scot a missile ; a contribution, tribute : O. H. Ger. scoz ; n. telum, jaculum : M. H. Ger. schoz ; m. tribute, tax: Icel. skot ; n. a shot, shooting ; a missile; a contribution.]
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v. ge-sceot (-scot) ; scyte.
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  • scot, n.