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  • noun [ masculine ]
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hassuc, es; m.
Wright's OE grammar
Coarse grass, a place where such grass grows
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  • On ðone hassuc,

      Cod. Dipl. Kmbl. iii. 223, 25.
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  • 'Hassock or Hassocks. A name sometimes assigned to aira cæspitosa, L. but more accurately regarded as a term indicating the large coarse tufts formed in meadows by this grass and some sedges, such as Carex cæspitosa and C. paniculata.' Cf. too No. 30 'Hassocks. "Great tufts of rushes, etc., called in Suffolk


      No. 31. [Leicestershire
    ] 'Hassock a tuft of coarse rank grass; an ant-hill.']
[v. Prompt Parv. p. 228, note 2, where a passage is quoted in which the phrase usque ad tercium hassocum occurs in the defining of a boundary. In Engl. Dial. Soc. No. 26, is the following
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v.  hæssec.
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  • hassuc, n.