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  • noun [ uncertain ]
  • verb [ uncertain ]
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A word of doubtful meaning occurring in the following passage, 'Nis ðæt feor heonon ðæt se mere standeþ ofer ðæm hongiaþ hrinde bearwas wudu wyrtum fæst wæter oferhelmaþ,';
  • Beo. Th. 2731
  • ;
  • B. 1363.
Thorpe translates barky, Kemble rinded, but in this case there should be no initial h.
  • Ælfc. Gl. 59
  • ;
  • Som. 68, 5, 6
  • ;
  • Wrt. Voc. 38, 56, 57
hrind translates caudex vel codex, and liber is translated seó inre hrind, but perhaps the better reading for the former would be rind = cortex. Otherwise hrinde bearwas might be [?] groves with [large-] stemmed trees. Grem compares the word with forms given by Halliwell rind frozen to death, rinde to destroy, and suggests dead; Heyne takes hrinde = hrínende and compares with Icel. hrína, sonare. Might hrinde = hringde in the sense placed in a ring or circle, so that hrinde bearwas would be the trees placed round or encircling the mere?
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  • hrind, n.; v.; adj.