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IC, pron. of 1st pers. s.
Wright's OE grammar
§232; §311; §458; §459; §462;
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  • Ic Æðelstán cyningc cýðe

    I, king Athelstan, proclaim,

      L. Ath. 1; prm; Th. i. 194, 2.
  • Ic hyt eom

    it is I;

    ego sum,
      Mt. Kmbl. 14, 27.
  • Ic sylf hit eom

    ipse ego sum,

      Lk. Skt. 24, 39.
  • Ic eom Gabriel ic ðe stande beforan gode

    ego sum gabrihel qui adsto ante deum,

      1, 19.
  • For Wulfgáres sáwle ðe ic hit selle

    for Wulfgars's soul [I] who give it,

      Chart. Th. 496, 24.
  • [Laym. O. and N. ic, ich, ihc : Orm. icc, I : Chauc. ich, I : Goth. O. Frs. O. Sax. ik : Icel. ek : Dan. jeg : Swed. jag : O. H. Ger. ih : Ger. ich : Lat. ego : Gk. έγώ.] For other forms in the declension of the pronoun of the first person, see the several words.
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  • IC, pronoun.