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land-ceáp, land-cóp, es; m.
A fine or tax paid when land was purchased
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  • Landcóp,

      L. Eth. iii. 3; Th. i. 292, 16.
  • Landceáp,

      L. N. P. L. 67; Th. ii. 302, 5.
  • Ego Berchtwulf cyning sile Forðréde mínum þegne nigen hígida lond ... hé salde tó londceápe xxx mancessan and nigenhund sciłł. wið ðæm londe

    I, King Berchtwulf, sell my thane Forthred nine hides of land ... he gave xxx mancusses as fine at the purchase, and nine hundred shillings for the land,

      Cod. Dip. Kmbl. ii. 5, 24-31.
[Cf. Icel. land-kaup; n. the purchase of land; in Norse, a fine to be paid to the king by one exiled or banished: O. Frs. land-káp.]
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v. lah-ceáp.
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  • land-ceáp,