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  • noun [ neuter ]
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masc, max, es; n.
Wright's OE grammar
§57; §243;
A mesh, a net, toil
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  • Ic wyrpe max míne on eá

    pono retia mea in amne,

    • Coll. Monast, Th. 23, 9: 21, 13.
  • On ðám maxum

    in retibus,

    • 21, 19
    • .
Prompt. Parv. maske of a nette macula
Scott. mask a crib for catching fish; to mask to catch in a net
: cf.
Icel. möskvi a mesh
O. L. Ger. O. H. Ger. masca a mesh; mascun; pl. retia, plagæ, maculæ.
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  • masc, n.