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of-, as a prefix modifies the words to which it is attached in many ways. Amongst these may be noticed
Wright's OE grammar
its intensive force in such words as
of-georn, of-langod, of-lysted, of-calen, of-hyngrod, of-þyrsted
its unfavourable force in
of-lícian, of-unnan, of-þyncan
the idea of attainment which it gives to
verbs of motion as
of-faran, of-féran, of-irnan, of-rídan
verbs of inquiring, calling, etc., as
of-áxian, of-clypian, of-spyrian
the force of
killing which it gives to verbs of striking, throwing, falling, etc., as
of-feallan, of-hnítan, of-hreósan, of-sceótan, of-stician, of-stingan
injury which it gives to verbs denoting rest
of-licgan, of-sittan
or those denoting action as
of-settan, of-tredan
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v.  -weard stician af- torfian tyge.
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