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on-drysne, adj.
Wright's OE grammar
applied to that which is evil,
terrible, dreadful, awful
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  • Firen ondrysne

    terrible crime,

      Beo. Th. 3869; B. 1932.
applied to that which is good, awful, exciting awe or
reverence, venerable
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  • Him wæs freán engla word ondrysne,

      Cd. Th. 173, 14; Gen. 2861.
  • Wæs hé for his árfæstum dǽdum eallum his geférum leóf and weorð and ondrysne

    he was beloved, honoured and reverenced by all his companions for his pious deeds,

      Blickl. Homl. 213, 12.
  • Ðæt hý messan singan and ða andrysnan þénunge mid árwyrþnesse gefyllen,

      R. Ben. 140, 5.
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  • on-drysne, adj.