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  • verb [ weak ]
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slícian, p. ode
To make sleek, smooth, or glossy
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  • Heó glytenode swá scýnende sunne oððe nígslýcod hrægel,

    • Shrn. 149, 8
    • .
Alle þine wordes beoþ isliked, And so bisemed and biliked,
  • O. and N. 841
  • .
Wordes afaited and ysliked,
    Ayenb. 212, 2.
He can so well his wordes slike
    Gower ii. 365, 22.
[v. Prompt. Parv. 458, note 2, where 'to sleek clothes' is quoted from Kennett, and a passage from Walter de Bibelesworth is given (v. also Wrt. Voc. i. 172, 13) : la dame ge ta koyf luche (slike). Til sleuth and slepe slyken his sides,
  • Piers P. 2, 98
. The word is also applied to making a fair show in speech
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See, too, Jamieson's Dictionary, sleekie fawning and deceitful; sleekit smooth, shining (of the face); but also, deceitful; sleekit-gabbit smooth-tongued.]
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v.  slíc slýcod slic.
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  • slícian, v.