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swice, adj.
Wright's OE grammar
deceitful, fraudulent
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  • Hí wiðstandaþ ðam swican (or subst. ? v. swica) Antecriste,

      Wulfst. 198, 14. [He
    minne fader biswak þurh swike his craftes (mid his luþer craftes, 2nd MS. ), Laym. 14865.] II. proving false to what is expected :-- Norðmen wáron súðfolcum swice (i. e. the southern people were deceived in their estimate of the northmen's power; swice, as applied to the northmen, cannot mean

    rebellious, renouncing allegiance,

    for it was the southern peoples who had rebelled against the northern, v.
      119, 8-18 ; Gen. 1976-1981). Cd. Th. 120, 17 ; Gen. 1996.
treacherous, failing in loyalty, v. swícan, V.
[Feren swike ðe sulden him witterlike, Gen. and Ex. 2845.]
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  • swice, adj.