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  • noun [ masculine ]
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Tíw, Tíg, Tí, es; m.
the god Tiw, a Teutonic deity to whom amongst the Latin gods Mars most nearly corresponded
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  • Tiig

    Mars, Martis,

      Txts. 77, 1293.
  • Tíg,

      Wrt. Voc. ii. 55, 56.
  • Tuu (Tíw?),

      58, 40.
  • Ðone Syxtum nédde Decius se cásere Tíges (Martis) deófolgylde, Shrn. 114, 9. ¶ The word occurs oftenest in the connection in which it remains—in the name of one of the days :-- On Tíwes-dæg

    tertia feria,

      R. Ben. 38, 6; R. Ben. Interl. 49, 14: Wulfst. 180, 25.
  • On Tíwes-niht,

      Lchdm. iii. 146, 23.
one form of the name of the Runic T;
Ti is given as the name of the symbol RUNE in some alphabets, see Kemble on Anglo-Saxon Runes in Archæologia, vol. 28, pp. 338, 339. The word is probably to be recognized in the form tyz, which is given as the name of the Gothic T in the Vienna MS. containing a Gothic alphabet, and from it a Gothic Tius may be inferred. O. H. Ger. Ziu(-o) the name of a god (preserved in M. H. Ger. Zies-tag), the name of a letter: Icel. Týr the name of a god (kept in Týs-dagr), name ofa rune. See Grmm. D. M. c. ix.]
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  • Tíw, n.