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  • verb [ weak ]
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wealwian, p. ode
Wright's OE grammar
§264; §536;
To fade, wither (Halliwell gives wallow = to fade away, as a Somerset word)
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  • Hæfð se Ælmihtiga ðæt gewrixle geset, ðe nú wunian sceal, wyrta grówan, leáf grénian, ðæt on hærfest eft hrést and wealuwaþ (cf. fealwaþ,

      Bt. 21; Fox 74, 23), Met. 11, 58.
  • Ðǽr ðǽr hit gefrét ðæt hit hraþost weaxan mæg and latost wealowigan (wealowian, Cott. MS.)

    ubi quantum earum natura queat, cito exarescere atque interire non possint,

      Bt. 34, 10; Fox 148, 22.
[Welewen marcescere, Wick. Is. 19, 6. Man welewith as flouris of hay, P. R. L. P. 173, 56. Al welwed and wasted þo worþelych leues, Allit. Pms. 106, 475. See also welewed in Halliwell's Dict.]
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  • wealwian, v.