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to set on fire so as to consume
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  • Hê ealle ofslôh mid swurdes ecge and ontende þâ burh,

      Hml. S. 25, 416.
to set on fire what is to give light, light a candle, lamp, &c, Lch. iii. 286, 6 (
in Dict.). (2a) of the illumination of the moon by the sun
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  • Gyf se môna æfter sunnan setlunge ontend byð. . . ne byð hê nîwe geteald,

      Lch. iii. 266, 5.
to kindle fire, Ll. Th. 1. 50, 27-28 (
in Dict.).
to heat a furnace,
    Hml. S. 5, 294 (in Dict.).
to burn by exposure to fire
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  • Hê heóld his finger ofer þæt byrnende leóht . . . and his fingras ealle ontende,

      Hml. A. 196, 49.
add: to inflame a person with passion, emotion, &c.
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  • Hê wearð mid micclum graman ontend,

      Hml. S. 28, 54.
  • His môd swîðe wearð ontend on hîre gewilnunge tô his gâlnesse

    cor Holofornis concussum est: erat ardens in concupiscentia ejus,

      Hml. A. 111, 289.
  • Antend

    succenditur (livoris zelo )

      An. Ox. 2772.
  • Antende

    inflammantur (superni ardoris facula ),

Full form


  • on-tendan,