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Wright's OE grammar
§559; §649;
Add: B. (15) in respect to, as far as regards
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  • Ic ondette ealles mínes líchaman synna, for fel and for flǽsc ... and for ǽghwæt huesces oþþe heardes, Ll. Th. ii. 264, 3-7: Angl. xi. 98, 46-99, 55. (16) marking extent(?) :-- For án to the extent of one, only, tantum, Chrd. 115, 2.

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    for án.
      E. as conjunction :-- Nú
  • Hé féng on his gebedo ... for þǽr wæs án forehús,

      Vis. Lfc. 33.
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  • for,