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  • verb [ preterite-present ]
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ge-nugan, pres. hit -neah [Goth. ganah]
Wright's OE grammar
To suffice, to be sufficient, not to be wanting; sufficere
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  • Gif us on ferðe geneah

    if in our soul we be not wanting [if it is sufficient to us in our soul],

      Exon. 93 a; Th. 348, 29; Sch. 35: 90 a; Th. 337, 26; Gn. Ex. 70.
  • Nǽnig mennisc tunge ne geneah ðæs acendan engles godcund mægen to gesecgenne

    no human tongue is sufficient to tell the divine virtue of that begotten messenger,

      Blickl. Homl. 165, 5.
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  • ge-nugan, v.