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  • verb [ strong ]
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grimman, ic grimme, ðú grimst, he grimmeþ, grimþ, pl. grimmaþ; p. gram, grom, pl. grummon; pp. grummen.
Wright's OE grammar
to rage, roar, make a loud noise; fremere
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  • Ðú hie grimman meaht gehýran

    thou mayest hear it [hell] rage,

      Cd. 37; Th. 49, 17; Gen. 793.
  • Hwæl-mere hlúde grimmeþ

    the whale-mere [the sea] rages loudly,

      Exon. 101 a; Th. 382, 3; Rä. 3, 5.
  • [Cf. O. Sax. grimmid the gróto séo.]
to run with haste, hasten; properare, currere, festinare
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  • Gúþmóde grummon

    the warlike of mind hastened,

      Beo. Th. 617; B. 306.
[So Grein translates the verb, but may not the word be taken more nearly in the sense of the preceding passages 'loud and fierce was their shout?']
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v.  gúþ-mód.
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  • grimman, v.