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  • noun [ masculinefeminine ]
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hacele, an; f : hæcla, an; m [?]
Wright's OE grammar
A cloak, mantle, upper garment, coal, cassock. Lye gives the following meanings lacerna, subucula, capsula, mantilia, pl
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  • Hacele


      Ælfc. Gl. 65; Som. 69, 40; Wrt. Voc. 40, 67 : 110; Som. 79, 51; Wrt. Voc. 59, 22 : 284, 65.
  • Ðá bewráh se árleása geréfa his ansýna mid his hacelan

    then the impious count covered his face with his cloak,

      Nar. 42, 24.
  • Ðá gegyrede heó hý mid hǽrenre tunecan and mid byrnan ðæt is mid lytelre hacelan

    she dressed herself in a tunic of hair and in a byrnie, that is in a little cassock,

      Shrn. 140, 30.
  • Ðá sende him mon áne blace hacelan angeán

    a black mantle [sagum] was sent to him,

      Ors. 5, 10 : Swt. 234, 22.
  • Saulus heóld ealra ðæra stǽnendra hacelan

    Saul held the garments of all those who were stoning [Stephen],

      Homl. Th. ii. 82, 22 : i. 48, 1.
  • Hæcla

    pallium, Mt. Kmbl. Lind. 5, 40. [Goth. hakuls; m. a cloak : O. Frs. hexil [ = hekil (?)] : Icel. hekla; f. a kind of cowled or hooded frock : hökull; m. a priest's cope : O. H. Ger. hachul cuculla, casula. ]

    See Grmm. D. M. 873 ff.
Derived forms
DER. mæsse-hacele. 'In the West of England the word hackle is specially used of the conical straw roofing that is put over bee-hives. Also, of the "straw covering of the apex of a rick," says Mr. Akerman, Glossary of Wiltshire words, v. Hackle.' - Earle's Chronicle, p. 338.
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v.  hæcele.
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  • hacele, n.