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-hád, a suffix forming abstract nouns, e. g. bisceop-, cild-, man-, wer-hid, etc. In the oldest English it is found combined only with nouns, while in the later stages of the language, as in
Wright's OE grammar
§133; §397; §605;
O. Sax. O. Frs. O. H. Ger. words are formed with it from adjectives. An early instance occurs in the Land MS. of the Chronicle 'druncenhed,' 1070; Erl. 209, 35. In later English it takes two forms, -hode, -hede; in modern times, -hood, -head.
[O. Sax. héd : O. Frs. -héd,-héde, -heid : O. H. Ger. -heit, -heiti : Ger. -heit : Dan. -hed.]
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