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  • noun [ masculine ]
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ham, hom; gen. hammes; m.
Wright's OE grammar
§133; §282; §335; §562;
A dwelling, fold, or enclosed possession. 'It is so frequently coupled with words implying the presence of water as to render it probable that, like the Friesic hemmen, it denotes a piece of land surrounded with paling, wicker-work, etc., and so defended against the stream, which would otherwise wash it away.' Cod. Dipl. Kmbl. iii. xxvii, where see instances of the occurrence of the word in local names. It occurs as an independent word in the following passages
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  • Ðonne geúðe ic Ælfwine and Beortulfe ðes hammes be norþan ðære littlan díc, iii. 421, 15.
  • Of ðam beorg tó Cwichemhamme; of ðam hamme, v. 157, 24.
  • Ðonne up on æscméres hammas súþewearde; of ðán hammum,

      338, 32; Ða
    hammas ða ðér mid rihte tógebyriaþ, 383, 18.
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  • ham, n.