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  • noun [ masculine ]
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heals, hals, es; m.
Wright's OE grammar
§64; §306; §335;
The neck, the prow of a ship
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  • Se hals

    the neck,

      Exon. 60 a; Th, 218, 22; Ph. 298.
  • Gehæfted be ðdam healse

    fastened by the neck,

      Cd. 19; Th. 24, 29; Gen. 385.
  • Heals ealne ymbeféng

    he clasped all the neck,

      Beo. Th. 5376; B. 2691.
  • Lét his francan wadan þurh ðæs hysses hals

    he let his weapon pass through the man's neck,

      Byrht. Th. 135, 60; By. 141.
[Orm. halls: Piers P. Chauc. hals: Prompt. Parv. hals collum, amplexatorium: Goth. O. Frs. O. Sax. O. H. Ger. hals: Icel. háls neck, part of the bow of a ship.]
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v.  hals.
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  • heals, n.