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  • noun [ neuter ]
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híwisc, hígwisc, es; n. A family, household, house; also a hide of land [v. híd]
Wright's OE grammar
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  • Fæder hiogwuisc, hiowisc, hiuwisc


      Lk. Skt. Lind. Rush. 12, 39: 13, 25: 14, 21.
  • Gif hé hæbbe híwisc landes if he have a hide of land, L. Wg. 7; Th. i. 186, 13 [cf. l. 23]. On Cotenes-felde án hýwysce and þóder dél of Branok hyalf híwisce

    in Cotensfield one hide, and the other part of Branok half a hide,

      Chart. Th. 107, 26-8.
  • Híwisc,

      428, 17.
  • God bebéad Moyse ðæt hé and eall Israhéla folc sceoldon offrian æt ǽlcum híwisce Gode án lamb ánes geáres

    God commanded Moses that he and all the people of Israel should offer a lamb of the first year to God from every family [a lamb for an house,

      Ex. 12, 3
    ], L. In. 44; Th. i. 130, 5.
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v.  -isc.
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  • híwisc, n.