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-ig, a suffix connoting possession of an object denoted by the stem, used in the formation of adjectives, and represented in modern English by y.
Wright's OE grammar
Early English and cognate forms may be seen in the following examples : Orm. modiȝ : Laym. modi : A. S. módig : Goth. módags : O. Sax. módag, módig : Icel. móðugr, móðigr : O. H. Ger. muotig, muotich, muodic : Ger. müthig: Orm. mahhtiȝ : Laym, mæhti : A.S. meahtig : Goth. mahteigs : O. Sax. mahtig : O. Frs. machtich : Icel. máttugr, máttigr : O. H. Ger. mahtig : Ger. mächtig : A. S. hálig : Icel. heilagr : Goth. handugs.
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  • -ig, suffix