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ing, the name of the nasal guttural ᛜ ng, in the Runic alphabet. In the Gothic the name seems to have been iggws, see Zacher, Das Gothische Alphabet, p. 3.
Wright's OE grammar
§607; §615;
In the Runic poem 22 ;
  • Kmbl. 343, 27
it is taken as the name of a prince of the East Danes
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  • Ing wæs ǽrest mid Eást Denum gesewen secgum ; óþ hé siððan eft ofer wǽg gewát. Ðus heardingas ðone hæle nemdon.

    This name [cf. Gothic form] may be the same as that found in a genealogy in the Chronicle a. 547 :-- Esa wæs Inguing Ingui Angenwitting,
    • Erl. 16, 11
    • .
  • As a proper name or as part of a proper name Ingi occurs in Icelandic, e.g. Ingi-björg, Ing-veldr, Ingi-mundr, Ingólfr : 'many more compounds are found in the Swedish-Runic stones as this name was national among the ancient Swedes; cf. also Yngvi and Ynglingar.' Cl. and Vig. Ingi. For the Rune see Zacher, pp. 30, 56-7 : Taylor's Greeks and Goths, pp. 31, 82 : and for the name Grmm. D. M. pp. 320-1.
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