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-isc, modern -ish, a suffix of adjectives, connoting the quality of the object denoted by the stem, e.g. ceorl-isc churl-ish, cild-isc child-ish; also connotes origin from a place or stock, e. g. Engl-isc, Gréc-isc, Iudé-isc. The suffix may be seen in the cognate dialects in the following words,
Wright's OE grammar
Goth. Þiud-isk-o after the manner of the Gentiles; Iudaiw-isk-s : O. Sax. menn-isk human : O.Frs. mann-isk : Icel. bern-sk-r childish; En-sk-r English : Dan. Engel-sk English : O.H. Ger. diut-isc : Ger. deut-sch.
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  • -isc, suffix