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  • noun [ masculine ]
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læt, es; m.
Wright's OE grammar
§57; §425; §446; §620;
One of a class that was inferior to that of the ceorl but above that of the slave. The word occurs only in the following passage
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  • Gif[man] læt ofslæhþ ðone sélestan lxxx scill. forgelde gif ðane óðerne ofslæhþ lx scillingum forgelde ðane þriddan xl scillingum forgelden

    if any one slay a 'læt' of the highest class, let him pay eighty shillings; if he slay one of the second, let him pay sixty shillings; let them pay for one of the third with forty shillings,

      L. Ethb. 26; Th. i. 8, 12-14.
  • See Stubbs' Const. Hist. s. v: Grmm. R. A. 305-309: Grff. ii. 190: Thorpe's Glossary: Kemble's Saxons in England, i. c. 8: Lappenberg's Hist. ii. 321.
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  • læt, n.