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  • verb [ strong ]
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lúcan, p. leác, pl. lucon; pp. locen
Wright's OE grammar
§131; §472; §496;
To close, conclude, fasten, lock:
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  • Ðæt hé leác on hálre tungon qui statim conclusit et omnino confirmavit totum quod pater suus in vita sua fecerat,
      Chart. Th. 272, 5.
  • On ðæt gerád ðe ðæt stande ðe wit beforan ðam ealdormen lucan on the condition that that arrangement stand which we concluded before the alderman,
      597, 32.
  • Hrím and forst lucon leóda gesetu rime and frost shut up men's dwellings, Andr.
      Kmbl. 2519; An. 1261.
  • Ðǽr com flówende flód æfter ebban lucon lagustreámas there came flowing flood after ebb, the streams intertwined or closed up [the surface of the water shewing a network of lines from the varying currents, as the tide flowed up the river], Byrht. Th. 133, 46; By. 66. Siððan ða ýslan eft onginnaþ lúcan tógædere geclungne tó cleowenne afterwards the ashes begin to close up again, pressed to a ball; in massam cineres coactos, Exon. 59 a; Th. 213, 16; Ph. 225. Lúcan eorþan cíðas (frost shall) lock up the germs of earth, 90 a; Th. 338, 6: Gn. Ex. 74. Lúcan [onlúcan?], Cd. 220; Th. 283, 5; Sat. 300. Sincgim locen the jewel fastened in its setting, Elen. Kmbl. 528; El. 264. Locen is applied to coats of mail, which were formed of [interlacing] rings fastened on to some material to which they might be sewn, see hring with its compounds, and cf. brogden byrne; also Icel. hring-ofin
  • Locene leoþosyrcan,

      Beo. Th. 3014; B. 1505: 3784: 1890.
  • Locen beág

    a closed ring [not a spiral wunden beág],

      5982; B. 2995: Andr. Kmbl. 605; An. 303.
[O. Sax. ant-, bi-lúkan: O. Frs. Icel. lúka: O. H. Ger. lúhhan.]
Derived forms
DER. á-, be-, ge-, on-, tó-, un-lúcan.
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v.  lýcþ.
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  • lúcan, v.