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  • noun [ neuter ]
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mǽþ, es; n. (?)
Wright's OE grammar
Math in after-math, mowing, hay-harvest
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  • Freóh ǽlces weoruldcundes þeówetes búton þreom þingum án is circsceat and ðæt hé mid eallum cræfte twuga on geáre [wyrce ?] ǽne tó mǽþe and óðre síþe tó rípe

    free from every secular service except three things; one is church scot, and (the other two) that he [work] with all his might twice a-year, once at hay-harvest, the other time at corn-harvest,

    • Cod. Dip. Kmbl. ii. 400, 30.
O. H. Ger. mád
M. H. Ger. mát; gen. mádes; n: also f
Ger. mahd; f.
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v. mǽðere.
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  • mǽþ, n.