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  • verb [ weak ]
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nacian, p. ode
To strip (the clothes off a person)
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  • Ðá hé ðæt nolde hé wæs nacod and on carcern onsænded

    when he would not do that (deny Christ), he was stripped and sent to prison,

    • Shrn. 51, 12.
[The shenship of his flesh he shal nakyn, Wick. Lev. xx, 19; he nakide (later version, made nakid) the hous of the pore man, Job xx, 19 : O nice men, whi nake ye youre bakkes, Chauc. Boeth. 1. 4288 : Prompt. Parv. nakyn nudo, denudo, v. p. 351, note 1. The verb to nake occurs as late as Tourneur who has 'nake your swords;' v. Skeat Dict. s. v. naked.]
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v. be-nacian, nacod.
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  • nacian, v.