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  • verb [ preterite-present ]
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Wright's OE grammar
§543; §653;
to recall to mind, recollect
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  • Ðonne hé hit eft ofman æfter lytlam fæce

    cum post paululum haec ipsa ad memoriam revocant

      Past. 33, 7 ; Swt. 225, 19.
  • Ne ofman hé nǽfre nánwuht forðæm nǽfre náuht hé ne forgeat

    he never recalls anything, for he never forgot anything

      Bt. 42 ; Fox 356, 30.
  • Ic wát æác ðæt ic hyt hæfde swá cléne forgeten ðæt ic hyt nǽfre eft ne ofmunde

    I know too that I should have so clean forgotten it, that I should have never again recalled it

      Shrn. 198, 4.
Full form


  • of-munan, v.